ClearOne comm XAP 400 Stereo System User Manual

Operation ~ Utilities
Technical Services Group ~ 1-800-283-5936 (USA) ~ 1-801-974-3760
To compare site files
1. Click the Browse button at the right of the Site 1 Document Name. This
opens the Open window.
2. Select the first site file you want to compare. To compare the settings in a
connected site, click on the G-Ware Connections tab and select the unit or site.
3. When you have made a selection, click Refresh to update the status of the
unit, site, or connection. Then click Open.
4. Repeat steps 1–3 to select the second second unit, site, or file for
When you click Open, G-Ware automatically compares information from the
selected items and displays a table of parameters which differ (note that the
actual differences are not displayed at this point). This process can take a
minute or two.
5. To view the difference(s) between two sources on a single parameter, select
the row in the table you want to examine, then click Preview. This opens the
Print Preview window, which shows what the differences are.
6. To print the report, click Print (you can also click Print in the Compare
Utility window to print the report). The other buttons in this window allow
you to tailor the view of the report and browse sequentially through each
7. When you finish viewing or printing the report, close the Print Preview
window to return to the Document Compare Utility.
Figure 5.7. Open window