ClearOne comm XAP 400 Stereo System User Manual

System Configuration ~ Processing
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Use the slider to assign this compressor to a compressor group. The default is
When you assign a compressor to a compressor group—such as a group of three,
configured for bass, midrange, and treble—the compressors will monitor each
other. When one compressor channel compresses, all compressors in the group
compress together. When configured properly, this results in a smooth audio
response throughout the frequency range, with no bass, midrange, or treble
dropouts. A given compressor group must be configured for a single XAP 400
unit; a group cannot use compressors from multiple XAP 400 units.
Post Compressor Gain
Adjust the compressor gain with the gain slider or by using the
The graph reflects the input/output decibel levels with the gain setting you select.
Threshold determines the RMS level at which the compressor begins to operate. The
range is from -30 to +20dBu. Default is 0dBu.
Figure 3.54. Compressor Setup window
Compressors and com-
pressor groups can be
established only within the
XAP 400 unit being configured, i.e.,
they cannot be configured from a
single point across multiple units.