ClearOne comm XAP 400 Stereo System User Manual

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Hold Time
The length of time that a microphone remains on after the voice (input)
level drops below the gate ratio. This can be used to prevent the microphone from
gating off during brief pauses in speech.
Last Mic Mode
Sets the last-activated mic to Last On, Mic 1-8, or Off. The Last
On setting leaves the last-activated mic gated on until another mic input gates on.
A series of user-created instructions, stored within the unit, which can be
executed from an RS-232 command or contact closure.
Macro Mode
The G-Ware mode that allows you to customize and execute macro
commands for a XAP 400 unit or network.
Manual Gating
Provides the ability to gate a microphone on or off manually.
Matrix Mixer
A mixer that allows routing of any input or combination of inputs to
an output or any combination of outputs. In the case of the XAP 400, the matrix
mixer permits level control at each cross point in the matrix.
Matrix Screen
The Matrix Screen facilitates the routing of any input to any output
or combination of outputs.
Maximum Number of Mics
Sets the maximum number of mics that can be gated
on simultaneously.
Microphone Activation
A condition in which a microphone is gated on.
Microphone Mixing
A situation in which audio from mics on different signal lines
are mixed together. All mic signals can be mixed to one signal line, any or all
outputs, or mixed into separate groups. Mic signals can also be processed together
or individually.
Microphone 1 Mode
Reverts mic assignment to a designated mic when all mics
gate off.
Min/Max adjust
The yellow and blue upper and lower limit arows on gain scales
are used to create minimum and maximum gain level limits. These limits only apply
when using relative gain commnds; absolute gain commands can exceed the min and
max limits. Min and max limits apply to all serially connected control devices and
preven users from adjusting levels beyond the min/max levels provided relative gain
commands are used.
Mixer mode
The mixer mode has two settings: master and slave. Mixer mode can
be configured from the front panel or in the Unit Properties window.
A condition in which an audio signal is attenuated below the audible