ClearOne comm XAP 400 Stereo System User Manual

Technical Services Group ~ 1-800-283-5936 (USA) ~ 1-801-974-3760
The telco echo return loss enhancement (TERLE) meter shows the loss
through the telephone echo cancellation process. It is the ratio of the two levels.
The upper or lower level at which a signal processing mechanism begins
or terminates operation.
Transmit audio
Audio being sent to the telephone line (To Telco).
Unit properties
The Unit Properties window opens when you add a new unit to the
site. It allows you to enter information about the unit as well as configure the
communication and security settings.
Virtual reference
Virtual references are echo cancellation reference points.
Multiple signals can be included in each of the four virtual references thus allowing
you to reference multiple signals without sacrificing an analog output. You can open
the Virtual Reference window from the G-Ware toolbar or from the Acoustic Echo
Cancellation window.
White Noise
Acoustical noise with equal energy throughout a given frequency