ClearOne comm XAP 400 Stereo System User Manual

System Configuration ~ G-Ware Screens
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G-Ware has three modes: Configuration, Preset, and Macro Recorder. Configuration
is used to configure the unit and is the default mode. The Preset and Macro modes
are discussed in Chapter 4: Advanced Configuration. You can switch between modes
by clicking on the corresponding toolbar button. The current mode is displayed on
the status bar.
There are two main configuration screens, the Flow Screen and the Matrix
Screen. All unit configuration and audio routing is accessed through these screens.
Flow Screen
The G-Ware Flow Screen is the main access window for G-Ware’s features and
functions. Using the menus and toolbar at the top of the screen, you can access
general configuration windows. Unit specific configurations are accessed through the
buttons and labels on the Flow Screen itself. If you have multiple units, click on the
unit icon in the Site pane to access that particular unit’s Flow Screen.
The Flow Screen shows a detailed block diagram of the path of the audio
signal, presenting a graphical explanation of each stage of audio processing. Mic
and line inputs, outputs, telco receive and transmit, expansion buses, and
processing block configuration windows can all be accessed from this screen. The
XAP 400 Flow Screen has eight icons and buttons at the bottom of the Flow
Screen which open the following unit programs: Dial, Telco Config, Remote
Builder, Gating Control, Preset Mode, Macro Editor, Telco Meters, and GPIO
G-Ware Screens
Site pane
Status bar
Flow Screen
Figure 3.16. G-Ware Flow Screen
Figure 3.15.
Configuration, Preset,
and Macro toolbar