ClearOne comm XAP 400 Stereo System User Manual

Operation ~ Using the Dial Interface
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If using an external controller, it is not necessary to press the On button [A].
The DIAL serial port command automatically engages the XAP 400. See
Serial Commands, page 114.
3. When the conversation is complete, press the Off button [B] to disconnect
the call. You can also disconnect using an external controller. If the handset
is off hook, audio will be routed to the telephone.
If your call is through the handset only (the red Off LED [C] will be lit),
hang up when the conversation is complete.
To make and disconnect a call
1. Open the Dial Interface by clicking the Dial button on the Flow Screen.
2. Activate the telephone interface by clicking Connect.
3. When the green light above the Connect button illuminates, enter the
number to be dialed, including any dial-out prefixes.
The number is dialed as you enter the numbers. You do not need to click
4. When you are finished with the call, click Disconnect to end the call.
If there is noise on the phone line during a call, you might need to click the Re-Null
button to force the interface to readapt to the line. After the unit sends a noise burst
down the line for adaptation, it automatically switches to auto adapt mode. The
receive signal is muted during a noise burst.
To dial multiple numbers
Numbers can be dialed one at a time or a string can be dialed at one time
(In-Block). When dialing multiple numbers, the maximum length of the string is 40
characters. A comma is interpreted as a two second pause. If a command to dial is
issued while the unit is on hook, the unit will go off hook and dial the number.
To mute
Mute Transmit
to mute the transmit audio (audio being sent to the telephone
line). Click
Mute Receive
to mute the receive audio (audio being received from the
telephone line).
If you have enabled auto-
answer, the XAP 400 will
connect to the call after
one ring.
Using the Dial Interface
To use the Dial interface,
you must be connected to
the site.