Barco MGP D5 Home Theater System User Manual

Using TheaterWatch
MGP D5 Dicom Theater Lite 97
Figure 39: Dual-head equalization
The Equalization option will be available only if:
the system contains at least one display of the same type as
the one being calibrated
at least one of the displays of the same type has already
been calibrated before using a sensor.
To equalize the displays:
1. Be sure the reference display is calibrated to the desired
2. Set the Equalization option in the Application Settings dialog.
3. Close the Application Settings dialog.
4. Open the Display Settings dialog and calibrate display (2).
The display will be calibrated and additionally the display
luminance will be matched to the luminance of the reference
display (1).
(1) Reference display
(2) Calibrated display: Luminance automatically matched
to reference display