Barco MGP D5 Home Theater System User Manual

Barco DPMS Screen Saver
MGP D5 Dicom Theater Lite 67
DPMS Settings After Work Day
If you have an display controller that supports DPMS calls, then
you will be able to set the DPMS Settings for after the work day.
Otherwise, a text box will be displayed telling you why DPMS
functions are not available.
Amount of Time in each DPMS State
After the work day, the display will be placed into one of the
following DPMS Power States: Stand-By, Suspend, or Off. The
default setting is for the display to directly go into the Off State
and spend no time in the Stand-By or Suspend states. If the user
wishes to go into the Stand-By or Suspend states before going
into the Off state, select the required amount of time for each
If requested, the display will first go into Stand-By state, then
into Suspend state, and then into Off state. The properties of
DPMS states are listed in the following table:
Monitor Settings
If you have a Barco Medical Display, select “Barco Quick Start.” If
a non-Barco display is being used, select the amount of time it
takes your display to warm up via the “Monitor Setting” section.
Contact your display vendor for this warm-up time.
Table 2:
DPMS State Power Savings
Monitor Recovery
On None N/A
Stand-by Minimal Short
Suspend Substantial Longer
Off Maximum Longest