Barco MGP D5 Home Theater System User Manual

Display controller installation
32 MGP D5 Dicom Theater Lite
figure 6 below). By default, VGA should be enabled, switch 1 on
and switch 2 off. If you decide to use a separate VGA monitor as
your boot monitor, you must disable the BarcoMed 2MP2CP’s on-
board VGA capabilities by changing the switch settings to switch
1 off and switch 2 on.
Figure 6
In figure 6 above, the VGA capabilities of the BarcoMed 2MP2CP
are enabled.
Caution: To use multiple BarcoMed 2MP2CP controllers in a
single host with VGA enabled, you should enable
VGA on only
ONE of the BarcoMed 2MP2CP display controllers and disable
on ALL the other BarcoMed 2MP2CP display controllers.
Examples of PCI slots
The BarcoMed 2MP2CP display controller may be installed in
either a 32-bit or 64-bit slot with no loss of functionality. Figure 7
on page 33 illustrates the types of slots so that you can correctly
identify which one to use for the BarcoMed 2MP2CP display
controller and which ones not to use.