Barco MGP D5 Home Theater System User Manual

Driver re-installation, updates or removal
108 MGP D5 Dicom Theater Lite
Figure 46
6. Click “Next”.
7. If you installed your driver with DualView enabled, skip to
step 8.
If you installed your driver with Cloned Heads active, click
“Next” to continue. Then click “Finish” to complete the
uninstall process. Click “Finish” again to exit the wizard.
Click “Yes” if Windows tells you that “you must restart your
computer before the new setting will take effect”.
8. If you have installed your driver in DualView mode the
wizard will warn you that you must first disable DualView by
rebooting and then run the uninstall program again.
Figure 47
Click “OK” to continue.
9. Click “Reboot” to disable DualView, click “Finish” to exit the
wizard and then click “Yes” to reboot your system.