Barco MGP D5 Home Theater System User Manual

Using TheaterWatch
MGP D5 Dicom Theater Lite 83
Using TheaterWatch
Compatible displays
TheaterWatch is compatible with the following Barco projectors
and displays:
MGP D5, MFCD 1218, MFGD 1218, E-2320, E-3420, E-5420,
E-2620, E-3620, E-5620.
To use TheaterWatch
The TheaterWatch application resides in the Windows systray. To
use one of the TheaterWatch functions, right-click on the
TheaterWatch systray icon and select the appropriate option:
Display settings: Allows to view information about your projec-
tor(s), display(s) and display controller.
Also allows to select a display function, control
display luminance and calibrate projector(s)
and display(s)
Test patterns: Allows to select test patterns to show
Application settings: Allows to change TheaterWatch application
settings, such as the Equalization option for
calibration or MediCal Administrator connec-
Also allows to exclude display types from
TheaterWatch control.
Help: Allows to consult the online help
About: Allows to view information about this version
of TheaterWatch
Exit: Allows to close TheaterWatch and remove it
from the systray