Barco MGP D5 Home Theater System User Manual

Using TheaterWatch
86 MGP D5 Dicom Theater Lite
corresponding display controller head from the Display drop-
down box.
Tip: If you click on a numbered icon, the corresponding number
appears for a few seconds on the display or projector screen
connected to that display controller head. In that way you can
easily see which display or projector is connected to which head.
The Display tab allows to view information about the display or
The Graphic Board tab allows to view information about the
display controller.
The Calibration tab allows to calibrate the display(s) or
projector(s), or view the result of the last calibration.
Display tab
•In the Display Info section, you can view the name and
serial number of the selected display.
For Nio (E-XX20) displays, you can also view:
To select another display function, select an item from the
Display Function drop-down box. This function is not
available for MGP D5 projectors.
If the selected display has been calibrated to the selected
display function in the past, the display will be set according
to this calibration. If no former calibration was found, default
factory settings are selected.
When you restart TheaterWatch, the last selected display
function is automatically selected.
Lifetime: Operation time including time in stand-by
Runtime: Operation time excluding time in stand-by
Firmware version: Version of internal display software
Backlight Stabilization:Status of the backlight stabilization in the