Barco MGP D5 Home Theater System User Manual

Barco DPMS Screen Saver
MGP D5 Dicom Theater Lite 65
Barco DPMS Screen Saver
The Barco DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) Screen
Saver allows the user to set power and display saving features
for medical displays controlled by BarcoMed display controllers.
At the end of the work day, the display will enter certain DPMS
states as requested by the display controller.
Note: The Barco DPMS Screen Saver will not
control any displays
connected to a non-Barco display controller.
The default state for the Barco DPMS Screen Saver is the Off state.
In addition to simply entering the Off state after the work day,
the user can specify that the display first go through two other
DPMS Screen Saver states before going into Off state. These two
other states for the Screen Saver are Stand-By and Suspend. The
user can specify how much time should be spent in each state in
the “Amount of Time in each DPMS Power State” section.
The Barco DPMS Screen Saver can also be used when no one is
logged on.
Barco DPMS Screen Saver Options
From the “Barco DPMS Screen Saver Control Panel” you can
change many DPMS screen saver elements simultaneously. The
DPMS screen saver elements in each scheme are work schedule,
work day screen saver, DPMS settings after work day, and many
additional options.
Current Scheme
Lists the three “DEFAULT” schemes which you can use as they are.
Or you can modify them to meet your office’s schedule.