Barco MGP D5 Home Theater System User Manual

18 MGP D5 Dicom Theater Lite
done by means of the I-Guard® optical sensor, incorporated in
the bezel of the display.
The MediCal Pro software is used for defining the Preset the
display devices must be conform to and calibrate them to make
them conform to the Preset.
The TheaterWatch software is a systray tool normally operating in
background, which enables you to calibrate the projector(s)
based on a visual algorithm.
Other relevant documentation
MediCal Pro® Installation and User Manual: Describes in
detail how to install and use the MediCal Pro software.
TheaterWatch online help and user manual on CD-ROM:
Describes how to use TheaterWatch.
User Guide for Medical Grade Projector MGP D5: Describes in
detail how to connect, use and control the MGP D5 projector.
Installation Manual Ceiling Mount for MGP D5: Describes in
detail how to install the ceiling mount kit for the MGP D5
Display User Manual
Important installation considerations
1. Make sure all equipment is switched off before installing.
2. In case you use a PCI extension box, please install the box
following the guidelines in its Installation or User's guide.