Yamaha DVR-S150 Stereo System User Manual

Pan & Scan and Letterbox
In general, DVD Video is produced for viewing on a wide
television screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This means
you can now view most material with the intended aspect
ratio on a wide-screen television.
This ratio will not fit on a standard television that has an
aspect ratio of 4:3. Two picture styles, Pan & Scan and
Letterbox, deal with this problem.
Pan & Scan cuts off the left and right portions of the
picture to fill the screen.
Letterbox inserts black bands at the top and bottom of
the picture to reproduce an aspect ratio of 16:9.
S-Video signal
With the S-Video signal system, the video signal normally
transmitted using a pin cable is separated and transmitted
as the Y signal for the luminance and the C signal for the
chrominance through the S-Video cable. Using the
S VIDEO jack eliminates video signal transmission loss
and allows recording and playback of even more beautiful
Title, Chapter (DVD Video)
DVD video lets you divide a disc in a big way by titles or a
small way by chapters. Each division is either called a title
number or a chapter number.
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