Yamaha DVR-S150 Stereo System User Manual

To replace the batteries
If the batteries grow old, the effective operation distance of the
remote control decreases considerably. If this happens, replace
the batteries with two new ones as soon as possible.
Do not use an old battery together with new one.
Do not use different types of batteries (for example, alkaline
and manganese) together. Each type of battery has its own
characteristics even if they are similar in shape.
If the batteries run out, immediately remove them from the
remote control to prevent an explosion or acid leak.
Dispose of the batteries according to the regional regulations.
If a battery starts leaking, dispose of it immediately. Be careful
not to let leaking battery acid come into contact with your skin
or clothing. Before inserting new batteries, wipe the
compartment clean.
Replace the batteries within two minutes to preserve the
memory in the remote control.
1 Press the mark on the battery cover and
slide off the cover.
2 Insert the two supplied batteries (AA, R06,
UM-3) into the battery compartment.
Make sure you insert the batteries according to the
polarity markings (+ and –).
3 Close the battery cover.
Use the remote control within 6 m (20 feet) of the
CinemaStation and point it toward the remote control
sensor (page 4).
Be careful not to spill liquid on the remote control.
Be careful not to drop the remote control.
Do not leave the remote control in the following places:
hot or humid places, such as near a heater or in a bathroom
extremely cold places
dusty places
Installing Batteries in the Remote Control
Press %
Using the Remote Control
30˚ 30˚
Within 6 m
(20 feet)