Yamaha DVR-S150 Stereo System User Manual

Changing DVD Settings on the TV (On-Screen Menu)
On-Screen Menu guide
Main Menu Submenu Setting Item Function
Preferences Features Status window
Sets the status information display to “On” or “Off”.
On: You can display or hide status information using the
STATUS button on the remote control. Status information
includes disc type and total time or elapsed time of the
current track/chapter.
Off: Status information does not appear.
Picture Video shift
Adjusts the screen position (+1 to +7).
Adjusts the picture color saturation (–7 to +7).
Adjusts the picture contrast (–7 to +7).
Color settings (Colour
Adjusts the picture shade.
Select a setting from “Rich”, “Natural”, “Soft” and
“Animation”. If you select “Personal”, you can manually adjust
each image setting.
Adjusts the picture brightness (–7 to +7).
Adjusts the picture sharpness (–7 to +7).
Toolbar Program Clear All
Clears the Program Play contents. (page 36)
Selects chapters or tracks for Program Play. (page 35)
Sets Program Play to “On” or “Off” (page 36).
Play list (Playlist)
Shows the Program Play contents. (page 36)
View Zoom
Enlarges the picture. (page 42)
Switches the picture angle. (page 41)
Chapter Preview
When this item is set, you can preview the beginning of each
chapter in turn.
Rotates a JPEG image to –180°, 90°, 0°, 90°, or 180°.
The image is rotated counter-clockwise for negative values, and
clockwise for positive values.
Play Option Audio
Selects the audio language. (page 40)
Disc Navigation
Selects a title, chapter, or track to play.
Sub-title (Subtitle)
Selects the subtitle language. You can only select languages the
disc contains. (page 40)
Search Frame by Frame
Advances/reverses one frame at a time. Frame Reverse is not
available with video CDs.
Sets the playback speed to –8, –4, +1, +4, or +8x (negative
number to reverse and positive number to advance).
Specifies an elapsed time for playback. (page 34)
Sets the playback speed to –1, –1/2, –1/4, –1/8, 0, +1/8, +1/4,
+1/2, or +1x (negative number to reverse, 0 to pause, and
positive number to advance).
Slide Show Picture Time
Sets the duration for each image to Slow, Medium or Fast for
JPEG slide show playback.