Yamaha DVR-S150 Stereo System User Manual

Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital is a digital surround sound system that gives
you completely independent multi-channel audio. With 3
front channels (left, center, and right), and 2 surround
stereo channels, Dolby Digital provides 5 full-range audio
channels. With an additional channel especially for bass
effects, called LFE (low frequency effect), the system has
a total of 5.1-channels (LFE is counted as 0.1 channel). By
using 2-channel stereo for the surround speakers, more
accurate moving sound effects and surround sound
environment are possible than with Dolby Surround.
Dolby Pro Logic
A surround system that takes a 4-channel signal and
records it as a 2-channel signal, then by way of some
arithmetic processing converts back to an independent
4-channel signal for playback.
Dolby Pro Logic II
Dolby Pro Logic II is an improved technique used to
decode vast numbers of existing Dolby Surround software.
This new technology enables a discrete 5-channel
playback with 2 front left and right channels, 1 center
channel, and 2 surround left and right channels (instead of
only 1 surround channel for conventional Pro Logic
technology). Music and Game modes are also available for
2-channel sources in addition to the Movie mode.
DTS (Digital Theater Systems)
The 5.1-channel surround system adopted by most movie
theaters. With an abundance of audio data, it is able to
provide authentic-sounding effects.
Linear PCM (LPCM)
A signal that is changed to digital format without
compression. A CD is recorded with 16-bit sound at 44.1
kHz, while DVD recording is anywhere from 16 bits at 48
kHz to 24 bits at 192 kHz, which makes it a higher quality
sound than CD. This signal also has a type called Packed
PCM (P.PCM) that can be compressed without any loss of
Matrix 6.1
CinemaStation incorporates a Matrix 6.1 decoder for
Dolby Digital and DTS multi-channel software that
enables 6.1-channel reproduction by adding the surround
back channel to existing 5.1-channel format. (The
surround back channel is created from surround left and
right channels, and output from a virtual surround back
speaker.) With this additional channel, you can experience
more dynamic and realistic moving sound especially
scenes with “fly-over” and “fly-around” effects.
Audio formats