Yamaha DVR-S150 Stereo System User Manual

Auto Speaker Setup (YPAO)
With the YAMAHA Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO) feature, you can avoid troublesome speaker setup and
achieve highly accurate sound adjustments. The supplied optimizer microphone collects and analyzes the sound that the
speakers produce in your actual listening environment. We recommend that you perform YPAO each time when you
change the speaker layout or listening position. To configure the speaker settings manually, refer to “Adjusting the
Speaker Balance During Playback” (page 64).
YPAO performs the following adjustments:
YPAO performs the following checks and makes
appropriate adjustments to give you the best possible
sound from your system.
Checks which speakers are connected and the polarity
of each speaker. Also checks and adjusts the sound
level (volume) of each speaker so that the sound level
of each speaker is the same when heard from the
listening position.
Checks the distance of each speaker from the listening
position and adjusts the delay of each channel so that
the sound from each speaker reaches the listening
position at the same time. Also checks the phase of
each speaker.
Checks the speakers frequency response and sets the
crossover/high cut frequency for the subwoofer to
improve the sound relationship between the speakers
and the subwoofer.
The CinemaStation stores speaker settings configured by YPAO
and manual setup individually. You can switch between them by
turning on/off the YPAO mode (page 23).
Since loud test tones will be output during the setup procedure,
be sure to keep small children out of the room.
For the best results, make sure the room is as quiet as possible
during the setup procedure. If there is too much noise, the
results may not be satisfactory.
Disconnect the headphones from the SILENT CINEMA
jack on the CinemaStation before starting the setup procedure.
Be sure to disconnect the optimizer microphone when you have
completed the setup procedure.
The optimizer microphone is sensitive to heat. Do not place it
on top of the CinemaStation or in direct sunlight.
1 Make sure the CinemaStation and subwoofer
are turned off (in standby mode).
2 Connect the supplied optimizer microphone
to the YPAO MIC jack on the CinemaStation.
3 Place the optimizer microphone on a flat
level surface with the omni-directional
microphone head upward, at your normal
listening position.
If possible, use a stand such as a tripod to affix the
optimizer microphone at the same height as your ears
would be when you are seated in your listening
If your subwoofer has adjustable volume and crossover/high cut
frequency controls, set the volume low but not minimum
(as shown below) and set the crossover/high cut frequency to the
Auto Speaker Setup (YPAO)
Optimizer microphone
Optimizer microphone position