Yamaha DVR-S150 Stereo System User Manual

Enjoying Sound Field Programs (DSP Programs)
Digital Sound Field Processor (DSP) programs feature a variety of sound fields that allow you to enjoy movies and
music. At the touch of a button, the DSP program automatically sets your speaker settings, such as reflected sound,
reverberant sound and the delay time for each channel to match your audio source.
You can change the delay time for each DSP program as necessary. For information on the default delay time and how to change it,
refer to “DSP Program Delay Time Settings” (page 68).
The CinemaStation has other sound field effects not listed below. Also, you can enjoy DSP programs with headphones or low volume.
For details, refer to “Enjoying DSP Programs in a Variety of Ways” (page 60).
Feel free to choose a sound field program based on your listening preference, and not purely on the name of the program itself.
To play back 2ch sources such as CDs faithful to the original sound, turn off the DSP program feature. For details, refer to “Enjoying
2ch sources with all speakers (Dolby Pro Logic II)” (page 58).
Experiment with different sound field effects until you find the DSP program that you feel best matches your source. For details, refer
to “Enjoying Sound with Specific Speakers” (page 57).
Movie programs
Music programs
Enjoying Sound Field Programs (DSP Programs)
Each time you press the MOVIE button, the
program changes as follows:
Enhances the stereoscopic effect for a thrilling sense of presence only found in an action
Expresses surround sounds softly so that voice and dialog are clear and crisp.
Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)
Fills the space with music and sound that have an eerie sense of reality. Suitable for serious
science fiction that has a good story line.
Expresses super-wide spaces. Suitable for a movie that has a powerful visual impact.
Preserves the power of Dolby or DTS Surround for experiencing the rich acoustical presence
of a movie theater.
Each time you press the MUSIC button, the
program changes as follows:
Music Video
Magnifies the feeling of listening to live rock or jazz in a concert hall. The screen image and
sound field space stretch out to the fullest, engulfing you in an atmosphere of excitement.
Classic Hall (The Munich Philharmonic Hall)
Puts you in a front row seat at the Munich Philharmonic Hall, surrounded in calm, voluptuous
Jazz Club (The Bottom Line)
Reproduces the acoustics of sitting right in front of the stage at The Bottom Line, a popular
New York City jazz club. Experience the lively, realistic throb of a wide stage.
Rock Concert (The Roxy Theater)
Recreates the acoustic personality of a nightclub seating for an audience of about 460.
5ch Stereo
Fills the space with sound and allows all listeners to enjoy the same high-quality sound no
matter where they are sitting or standing in the room. A DSP program that is especially
suitable for home parties.
Music Video
Classic Hall
Jazz Club
Rock Concert
5ch Stereo