Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

warm up/break-in period Your new Classé disc player will deliver outstanding performance immediately.
However, you should expect to hear it improve somewhat as it reaches its normal
operating temperatures and its various components “break-in.” It has been our
experience that the greatest changes occur within the first 300 hours, as the
player reaches thermal equilibrium and the capacitors fully form. After this
initial break-in period, the performance of your new product should remain
quite consistent for years to come.
The only exception to this rule is if the unit is placed in standby or unplugged
for an extended period of time, allowing it to cool down. Depending on the
degree of cooling involved, you should expect a brief warm-up period before the
its sound quality is at its best. Unless your player was allowed to become quite
chilled, subsequent thermal re-stabilization should not take long. Fortunately,
you should never have to repeat the initial 300 hour break-in period.
please read this manual… Please take a few minutes to review this manual, and to familiarize yourself with
your new player. We understand that you are anxious to plug everything in and
get started. However, reading this manual and following the advice it gives will
ensure that you get all the benefits you deserve from having purchased such a
fine piece of equipment.