Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

DVD operational menu When a DVD is inserted, a different set of controls is displayed.
the home screen The home screen for DVDs is presented at left in the graphic above, and
contains basic information about where you are within the disc, as well as basic
navigation buttons similar to those on your remote control.
controls Pressing the controls button in the top right corner of the home screen takes
you to the controls screen. It contains four buttons:
back will return you to the home screen
repeat mode takes you to another screen in which you can select any of
the available repeat modes (no repeat, repeat chapter, repeat disc, and repeat
random will play chapters within the current title in random order. This
can be used to good advantage when watching a concert DVD, or when
listening to a DVD-Audio disc, in order to shuffle the order in which songs
are played.
time display changes the way in which time information for the disc is
displayed. Your choices are: elapsed in chapter, remaining in chapter, elapsed
in title, remaining in title.