Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

Front Panel
1 Standby button & LED indicator
The front panel Standby button will toggle the player between its fully
operational status and a standby mode that leaves the player off, yet ready
to respond to system commands via any of the supported control options
(e.g. IR input, DC trigger, CAN Bus, or RS-232).
The current state of the player is indicated by the LED on the Standby
button on the front panel. When the unit is powered and switched on, this
LED indicates the following:
On = standby
Flashing (on power-up) = initialization
Off = operate
Flashing (after power-up) = AC mains voltage out of range
If you are not going to use the player for an extended period of time, e.g.
vacation or other travel, we suggest you disconnect it from the AC mains.
Please be certain that the player is in standby prior to disconnecting it from
the AC mains.
Also, it is a good practice to physically disconnect any and all valuable
electronics from the AC mains during electrical storms, as a lightning
strike anywhere near your home can put a tremendous surge on the AC
mains that will easily jump across a simple power switch. The resulting
surge (which may be many thousands of volts) can damage any piece
of electronics, no matter how well designed and protected. The best
protection in the case of severe electrical storms is simply to remove the
electronics from any connection to the power grid.