Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

In general, refer any service problems to your Classé dealer. Before contacting
your dealer, however, check to see if the problem is listed here. If it is, try the
suggested solutions. If none of these solves the problem, contact your Classé
1 My disc is skipping.
Gently clean the disc itself using a damp, soft cloth, wiping along
the radius of the disc rather than around the circumference.
(Cleaning discs in the manner minimizes the chance of damaging
the disc.)
The disc itself may already be damaged. Try several other
discs, to see whether the problem is widespread or limited to a
particular disc.
2 There is no sound and the Standby LED is not lit.
Ensure the player is plugged into the AC mains, and that the AC
mains are operating normally.
Check that the main power switch on the rear of the unit is on.
Your display may be set to timeout, and the disc player may
simply be in Pause or Stop. Touch the screen to reactivate it so
you can see the state of the unit, or simply press the Play
key on
the remote control.
Unplug the unit for at least thirty seconds and then plug it in
again; try powering it up. (Sometimes a brownout or short-term
loss of power might require a restart.)
Verify that the AC mains is not out of range. The unit will
automatically attempt to protect itself from improper AC mains
voltages by not powering up.
Check the fuse by removing the AC cord from the back of the
unit and detaching the fuse holder directly above the AC inlet.
In the event that the fuse is blown, the fuse holder also contains a
If none of these solutions work, please consult your Classé dealer
for assistance. The are no user-serviceable parts inside your unit.
3. A disc was inserted, but the machine rejected it and asked for
another disc to be inserted.
Check that the disc is compatible with your disc player. It will
play CD Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DualDisc, MP3,
WMA, AAC, Video-CD, and S-VCD discs.
Ensure that the disc surface is clean, and try reinserting it.
Check that the label side of the CD is facing up.