Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

status The status screen provides several items of information on the currently playing
disc, as well as access to information on the software and internal sensors of the
disc player.
version info The version info button on the status screen takes you to the version
information screen. From time to time Classé develops new software that
adds features or enhances the operation of the disc player. Each new software
version has its own Version Number. The Version Info Screen displays the
Version Number of the software that your unit is running. The latest software
is always posted on the Classé website ( If the version
number displayed on the Version Info Screen is lower than the version posted
on the Classé website, you may want to update your unit. Simple and detailed
updating instructions are also provided on the website. If you ever have occasion
to call our technical support people to ask a question not covered in this manual,
they may want to know precisely what software version software your unit is
running. Having this information available will help them to give you the best
possible service.
sensors The sensors button on the status screen takes you to the sensors screen, which
displays information about several internal sensors within the disc player. It is
unlikely you might ever need the sensor information, unless directed to do so by
a customer service representative at Classé in order to help troubleshoot some
unexpected problem.
display setup menu
The display setup menu allows you to define your preferences for three aspects
of the Touchscreen: the
brightness of the backlighting, the timeout of the
backlighting, and the language used.