Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

remote Fkeys This button brings up the remote Fkeys menu.
The remote control supplied with your Classé product includes four user-
programmable function keys
, or “Fkeys.” They are labeled F1, F2, F3, and
F4, and are located near the bottom of the remote control. The “remote Fkeys”
menu allows you to define how the disc player responds to these Fkey signals.
You can use the Fkeys to give you instant access to specific system functions that
might otherwise be buried in a menu somewhere.
For example, if you use the shuffle mode frequently, you may want to consider
programming one of the Fkeys to toggle that function on and off. Doing so will
save you having to access the control menu, followed by pressing the shuffle
button (which might be hard to see from across the room, even though you could do
so from the remote control with an Fkey assignment)
The remote Fkey menu has four buttons, one each for the four Fkeys on your
remote control. Pressing any of these buttons on the LCD touchscreen takes you
to a subordinate, scrolling list of possible functions for that particular Fkey.
Selecting the one you want is as simple as scrolling through the list (by touching
either the up or down arrows on the right), and then touching the specific
function in the list that you want that Fkey to perform.
cautionary note on Fkey use Note that all Classé remote controls provide these same four Fkeys, so that you
need not worry about which remote you happen to pick up. Thus
F1 on the
preamplifier’s remote control sends the same infrared signal as
F1 on the CD
player’s remote control.
While this is intended to minimize confusion amongst different remotes (since
this aspect of them will all perform identically), you should take care when
assigning different functions on different components to the same Fkey. Doing
so would result in two components doing two different things at once, in
response to a single press of a button on the remote control. This can sometimes
be useful. As an example, F1 could set the preamplifier to the CD input, and
also set the disc player to Play, both from the press of a single Fkey