Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

distance The distance setting adjusts the speaker distance settings manually.
Simply measure the distance with a tape measure or equivalent, and enter the
distance into the menu. The disc player will automatically convert this distance
to the appropriate delay, to ensure that you hear the sound from each speaker
when you are supposed to hear it, despite the varying distances usually involved.
level trims
The level trims adjustments adjust the speakers’ levels manually. A noise
sequencer is available to provide a reference signal for adjustment purposes.
Holding a dB SPL meter at the listening position, at arm’s length, and pointing
straight up at the ceiling, adjust the level of each speaker in turn until it reads 75
dB SPL when the meter is set to “C” weighting and Slow response.
Note that the level trims are applicable only to the analog outputs. As with your
other source components, the digital outputs of the disc player are forwarded to
the associated preamplifier/processor unchanged. This allows your preamplifier/
processor to be accurately calibrated once for all incoming source signals.
The Dolby Late Night button engages and disengages the Late Night mode
for Dolby Digital soundtracks, allowing you to enjoy movies with less chance of
disturbing others.
video setup Taking full advantage of the extensive video capabilities of the disc player is
simple. Three menus will take care of everything.
video standard These settings are usually preset for the geographic market in which you
purchase the disc player. However, should you need to change the output to
conform with a different standard, your choices are:
NTSC/PAL/native — either choose the broadcast standard for your area,
or set the unit to play the disc in its native format. This last option requires
that you have a suitable multistandard display that can handle both NTSC
and PAL.
IRE 7.5 or 0 — the “video setup” in North America assumes that black
is reproduced at a video level of 7.5 IRE units, while most of the rest of
the world assumes that video black is represented by a video level of 0 IRE
units. The disc player can operate either way; you should pick the standard
common to your area for compatibility with the rest of your video sources.