Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

The Remote Control
Your new disc player comes with a versatile remote control which can control
both the disc player and several aspects of the rest of a Classé-based system. The
keys are arranged in logical groups according to their functions.
1 Basic Functions
This section along the top of the remote control includes two groups of
four functions that control your basic interactions with the disc player. The
general group is located in the topmost row, and includes:
Light switches the backlighting of the remote control on, for
better visibility under low-light conditions. After a few moments
of inactivity, the backlight switches off automatically.
Info takes you directly to the status screen in the LCD menu
system, displaying several items of information about the disc
player and its current operational status.
Disp (for Display) cycles through the three brightness settings of
the screen display.
Standby toggles the disc player between standby and operate.
The DVD-specific group addresses secondary features of the DVD
standard which you may have seen on other disc players, namely:
Zoom cycles through the available “zoomed in” or magnified
views of the DVD.
Angle cycles through the available camera angles of the DVD
being watched. (Relatively few discs take advantage of this optional
feature of the DVD standard.)
Audio cycles through the various available soundtracks on the
disc being played. (You can set your preference in the menu system,
and it will become the default; this button cycles you through the
other options, should you want to explore them.)
Subtitle cycles through the available subtitles in various
2 Numeric Keypad, Programming & Volume
The next section down on the remote control provides the numeric keypad
for use in directly accessing particular tracks on the CD/DVD you are
playing, as well as two keys that are frequently used in conjunction with
the numeric keys. The Volume and Mute controls are also in this section.
The Numeric Keypad can be used to access specific tracks/
chapters directly from your remote control. Simply press the
appropriate number key (or keys) followed by the Play key. The
disc player will go directly to your selection and begin to play.
For example, to play track 12, press the
1, 2, and Play keys in
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