Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

Rear Panel
1 Analog Outputs
The front left and right channels are supported with both balanced analog
outputs on XLR connectors and single-ended analog outputs on RCA
using the balanced outputs If your preamplifier/processor has balanced inputs for the front left and
right channels, connect these XLR outputs to them using high quality
balanced interconnects. Your Classé dealer can provide assistance in
selecting appropriate balanced cables for your system.
Balanced audio interconnections were originally developed in the
professional audio world, for preserving the delicate nuances of extremely
small microphone-level signals. For many years now, they have also been
used by performance-oriented consumer companies like Classé to preserve
every nuance of the finest audio performances in your collection.
Technically, balanced audio interconnections provide two distinct benefits:
they double the signal’s strength as it travels from one component to the
next, increasing the potential signal to noise ratio by 6 dB; they also do an
excellent job of rejecting noise and interference that might otherwise be
picked up between the components, due to either EMI (electromagnetic
interference) or RFI (radio frequency interference). In our modern world
of wireless telecommunications, there is more potential interference
floating around us than ever before—it makes sense to keep it all out of
our music and movie soundtracks.
For this reason, we strongly recommend using the balanced analog
interconnections between your Classé components wherever possible.