Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

audio language You can also set a preference for the spoken language used in the soundtrack
being played. Automatic defers to the default soundtrack on the disc itself.
If you prefer, you can insist that the unit play an English, French, German,
, or Italian soundtrack (assuming one is available).
subtitle language Similarly, you can establish a preference for the language used in the subtitles.
Your choices are English, French, German, Spanish
, or Italian.
CD autoplay When this button is highlighted, the player will automatically start playback
when a CD is inserted.
navigation Historically, navigating within a CD and a DVD has worked differently.
Specifically, the “fast forward” and “rewind” functions on a CD required you
to press and hold the button during the scanning process. By contrast, the same
action on a DVD required only a button click — in fact, additional button
clicks would accelerate the rate at which the scanning would occur.
If you want to have all discs operate as per the DVD way of doing things, select
latching as your navigation preference.
If you prefer the CD way of doing things, choose
non-latching instead.
If you want the disc player to behave like a CD player when playing a CD, and
like a disc player when playing a DVD, choose adaptive
parental control The disc player is equipped with a set of parental controls, similar to those
available on some cable or satellite TV services.
The set password button allows you to set a four-digit numeric password,
which will be required to play any disc that exceeds the rating you select.
set rating button gives you a list of eight ratings, with the
corresponding movie ratings listed (e.g., level 6 is the same as an R-rated
movie). The level you select here determines the maximum rating that can
be played without the password being entered. (Note that this button is
only enabled after you have set a password.)
The block unrated button prevents unrated movies from playing without
the password.
The enable control button enables the parental control feature.