Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

Special Design Features
flexible GUI The LCD touchscreen on the front panel of your new component supports an
extremely flexible and versatile graphical user interface (GUI) while maintaining
a clean, uncluttered appearance. The touchscreen accesses a range of controls
that might otherwise require dozens of buttons and knobs on the front panel.
Despite this power and flexibility, it remains simple to operate in day-to-day use.
highly refined
circuit design
Classé products are designed to deliver consistent, state-of-the-art performance
over many years of use. With this in mind, our engineers have developed
electronic circuitry that offers both exceptional performance and stability in
equal measure.
Starting with innovative circuit designs, we engineer them to optimum levels
by applying meticulous attention to detail at all phases of the design and
component selection process. By measuring, listening and viewing in an
interactive manner we conclude whether our design goals have been met.
Finally, our designs are subjected to extensive testing to ensure longevity,
reliability, and stability.
extensive listening tests Throughout the development phase, perhaps the most important testing of
all is listening and viewing our work. Subjective listening is highly valued at
Classé, as striking a balance between products that both measure exceptionally
and sound fabulous is our aim. We take the same approach with video, wherein
sophisticated video measuring equipment is used in conjunction with subjective
extraordinary longevity Another benefit of having worked with highly refined circuit designs so
extensively over many years is that we have vast experience in what works well
over the long term.
By using only the highest quality parts to begin with, and then using them in an
informed way as a result of both accelerated aging experiments and actual long-
term experience, we are able to design and manufacture products which we are
confident will stand the test of time.
We are confident that your new Classé disc player will give you many years of
trouble-free reliability and musical enjoyment, just as previous Classé products
have given their owners.