Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

Welcome to the Classé family
Congratulations on your purchase of a Classé product. It is the result of many
years of continuous refinement, and we are sure that you will enjoy it for many
years to come.
We value our relationship with our customers. Please allow us to stay in touch
with you by returning your warranty card now, before you pack up the shipping
carton of your new product and forget all about it. Doing so will enable us to
let you know about any possible future upgrades or updates that might become
available for your Classé component.
Sending in your warranty card also registers your product with us so that
warranty service can be obtained easily and quickly, even if you have mislaid
your original sales slip.
You will find the warranty registration card at the end of the separate warranty
policy booklet, enclosed.
Please, take a few minutes to fill out the warranty registration
card, and drop it in the mail.
a word about installation Every effort has been made to make this disc player simple and straightforward
to install and use.
Still, we have no way to evaluate other variables such as the size and shape of
your room, its acoustics, and the associated equipment you have chosen to use
with your player. All of these factors influence the ultimate performance of your
For this reason, we strongly encourage you to have your system
installed and calibrated by your dealer, whose experience,
training, and specialized equipment can make a profound
difference in the final performance of the system.