Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

2 Menu button
Pressing the front panel Menu
button will call up the menu system,
replacing the normal status display in the LCD touchscreen.
3 LCD touchscreen
You may control the player by using the front panel LCD touchscreen
It will usually display the information you are accustomed to seeing on
the front of most CD and disc players (track number, time, etc.), as well
as the basic transport controls. In addition, the touchscreen can be used
to preview videos you may be “cueing up” for friends or family, and to
navigate DVD-Audio discs’ menu systems without the distraction of
having to turn on your main video display.
By pressing the Menu button, you can also call up the menu system, which
gives you control over many of the operational details of the disc player,
including system setup options, various
display options (including the
language in which the menu system itself displays), and several custom-
installation capabilities that allow superior integration into complex
For more information, see the section The Menu System
later in this
4 Eject button
The front panel Eject
button operates the slot-loading mechanism of the
disc player. It will eject a loaded disc. There may be a short delay prior to
ejection whilst a disc is playing, in order to give the disc time to come to a
A blue light illuminates the slot when there is no disc loaded.
5 IR window
The infrared (IR) receiver and transmitter are located behind this
window. Ordinarily, the disc player must be able to “see” the remote
control from this window in order to respond to remote control
If your CD player will be located behind closed doors, or for any other
reason will not be able to “see” the remote control during normal
operation, you may use the rear panel
IR input and output mini-jacks and
an IR repeater system to solve the problem. For more information about
using an infrared repeater system to route signals to and from the disc
player, refer to the section Rear Panel later in this manual, or contact your
local Classé dealer.