Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

serial number The serial number for your disc player is found on the rear of the unit. Please
note and record this number on the page entitled Important Safety Instructions
for your future reference.
register your purchase! Having found the serial number, now would be a good time to register your
purchase. Doing so will allow us to inform you of updates and other items of
To register your purchase, visit the Classé website ( and
follow the link marked WARRANTY REGISTRATION. Alternatively you can
complete the enclosed Registration Card and post it to us.
operating voltage This disc player is set at the factory (internally) for 100V, 120V, 230V, or 240V
AC mains operation, as appropriate for the country in which it is to be sold.
(230V only in European Union countries, in compliance with CE regulations.)
The voltage setting may not be changed by the user.
Make sure that the label on the rear panel of your disc player indicates the
correct AC operating voltage for your location. Attempting to operate your disc
player at an incorrect voltage may damage the unit.
Warning: The voltage setting of your disc player may not be changed by the
user. There are no user-serviceable parts within the unit. Please
refer any problems to an authorized Classé service center.
If the AC mains voltage indicated on your disc player is incorrect, please contact
your local authorized Classé dealer or distributor.
This disc player includes protection circuitry that prevents the player from
operating at dangerously high or low voltages.
At startup: the AC mains voltage must be within a range of approximately
-15% to +10% of its nominal value at startup, or the player will not
turn on. For example, a 120V unit requires the AC mains to be between
approximately 95V–135V in order to turn on.
Over-voltage during operation: if the AC mains voltage surges by roughly
10% or more during operation, the player will enter protection mode and
shut down. The standby LED (Light-Emitting Diode) will flash to indicate
the protection mode has been engaged. An error message will be displayed
on the LCD touchscreen.
Under-voltage during operation: if the AC mains voltage sags by 15%
or more, the player will continue to play (since this does not present a
particular danger to the player), but note that it may not be able to achieve
its usual standard of performance under these compromised conditions.
The Standby LED will flash to indicate the condition.