Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

4. The disc is spinning but there is no sound in one or both channels.
Check that both interconnect cables are properly connected
between the outputs of the disc player and the inputs of your
Ensure that the preamplifier/amplifier units being used are
properly configured. (You may need to consult those units’
owner’s manuals for more information.)
5. The screen shows an error message and the Eject button does
not eject the disc (or the player shows some other anomalous
Press the Standby button so the screen dims and the blue light
goes on.
Using the rear panel power switch, turn off the unit for at least
thirty seconds. Then turn the power back on and press Standby
to restart the unit.
6. The IR remote control seems not to function.
Ensure that there are no obstacles between the IR remote and the
IR sensor (located to the right of the Mute button).
If the batteries are weak, replace them with fresh ones.
Care & Maintenance
To remove dust from the cabinet of your disc player, use a feather duster or a
lint-free soft cloth. To remove dirt and fingerprints, we recommend isopropyl
alcohol and a soft cloth. Dampen the cloth with alcohol first and then lightly
clean the surface of the player with the cloth. Do not use excessive amounts of
alcohol that might drip off the cloth and into the player.
Caution! At no time should liquid cleaners be applied directly to the player,
as direct application of liquids may result in damage to electronic
components within the unit.