Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

The Menu System
The disc player uses its versatile touchscreen display to make a wide variety of
setup choices and system defaults readily available. Using these menus, you can
easily customize the behavior of your disc player to suit your particular system’s
configuration, as well as your personal preferences.
main menu system Pressing the Menu button to the left of the LCD touchscreen brings up a
comprehensive menu system, the top two levels of which are shown below.
This menu system provides access to many installation-specific features that let
you customize how the disc player works within the context of your particular
system setup The most extensive part of the menu system is under the system setup button.
This section is both comprehensive and essential to taking full advantage of the
remarkable capabilities of the disc player. As such, it is described more fully in its
own, dedicated section of this manual. See System Setup
for all the details.