Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

Note: Many IR repeater systems do not yet support the stripped-carrier
signal format required by your disc player. If yours does not,
a Delta IR Interface may be required to ensure compatibility
between your IR repeater system and your Delta-series Classé
Your dealer can assist you in designing an effective IR repeater
The player is designed to respond to IR commands of 5VDC, with the tip
of the mono mini-jacks defined to be “positive” relative to the shank of the
5 DC Trigger Input and Output
Many audio/video components can supply a DC control voltage to
associated equipment in order to induce desired behavior. Your Classé
player can take advantage of these capabilities in order to be switched
between operate
and standby automatically, usually in concert with the A/V
preamp itself.
-inch mono mini-jack Trigger In provides for remote-controlled
turn-on (that is, toggling between operate
and standby) of the player.
-inch mono mini-jacks provide individually controllable DC
trigger outputs which can be used for any of a number of purposes, as
described in The Menu System. For example, your dealer can program
Trigger Out to toggle your Classé power amplifier between operate and
standby with your disc player.
The remote Trigger In will respond to the presence of 5–12VDC, with tip
polarity as shown below:
Similarly, the Trigger Outs will create a 12VDC signal that can support up
to 100mA of current.
6 Classé CAN Bus Control Ports
These RJ-45 connectors are reserved for future control and communication
applications using Classé Audio’s implementation of the Controller Area
Network (CAN) Bus specification.