Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

7 RS-232 Control Port
This port has two purposes:
downloading new operating software into your player (should
new features ever be added, for example)
external control of your preamplifier by systems such as
and Crestron
For more information, please contact your dealer and ask about home
automation systems.
8 AC Mains Power Switch
The main power switch is located at the right side of the rear panel. The
player should be in standby mode before being switched off. Switching the
unit on puts it in standby mode.
Danger! Potentially dangerous voltages and current capabilities exist
within your disc player, even when disconnected from AC mains.
Do not attempt to open any portion of the player’s cabinet. There
are no user-serviceable parts inside your disc player. All service
of this product must be referred to a qualified authorized Classé
dealer or distributor.
9 AC Mains Input
An IEC standard power cord (supplied) is used with the disc player. Plug
the cord into the IEC outlet provided, and the other end into a suitable
wall outlet.
The AC inlet assembly includes a built-in fuse for the protection of the
unit in case of major AC mains problems and/or component failure.
If your disc player ever behaves as though it were not connected to the AC
mains (meaning, it seems completely “dead”), remove the AC cord from
the unit, and open the fuse holder immediately above the AC cord inlet.
If the fuse is blown, replace it with the spare fuse contained in the fuse
holder. If the spare fuse blows, take the unit to your qualified Classé dealer
Caution: There are no user-serviceable parts inside the disc player. Do not
attempt to diagnose the problem yourself.