Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

playlist Pressing the playlist button on the display brings up the playlist for the current
disc. If you have not created a custom program for the disc, the playlist will
simply be a list of all the available tracks on the CD, in order. If you have created
a custom program (see below), it will be presented to you here. Note that this
display is mainly informational; you cannot edit the playlist from this screen.
You may, however, jump to any track by touching it on the screen.
controls menu The controls button on the operational display brings up a menu of controls,
including repeat mode, shuffle, time display, and program.
repeat mode Pressing the repeat mode button on the controls menu displays a screen on
which you may select any of the three repeat modes available: no repeat, repeat
and repeat disc. (If you have created a program, repeat disc will repeat the
shuffle Pressing shuffle on the controls menu will engage the shuffle mode
, which
shuffles the playback order of the tracks on the current CD.
time display Pressing the
time display button on the controls menu presents a screen with
four possible selections for how the current time of the disc playing is displayed:
elapsed on track, elapsed on disc, remaining on track, remaining on disc.
program Pressing the program
button on the controls menu takes you to the
programming screen.
When you first load a CD, the default program for the disc is to play all the
tracks in their normal order (as you might expect). This is shown on the
programming screen as a list consisting of track 1 followed by track 2, track 3,
and so on. A sequence number appears to the left of each track, indicating its
place in the playlist.
You can store thousands of playlists.
If there is a song on the disc that you prefer to skip over, simply scroll to the
track in question by pressing the
up or down arrows along the right side, and
then press the large button with the track number you do not want to hear.
It will no longer be highlighted, indicating that it has been removed from the
playlist for that CD. You can repeat this process for as many tracks as you would
like to delete.
If you want to create a completely different order in which the songs are played,
turn off the highlighting for all the tracks by touching each of their buttons
in turn. Then highlight the tracks one at a time, in your desired order. A new
playlist will be built based on your preferred sequence.
To remove a playlist, simply deselect all tracks and press the save