Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

Unpacking and Placement
unpacking your player Carefully unpack your disc player according to the supplied instructions, and
remove all accessories from the carton.
Important! Keep all packing materials for future transport of your Classé
product. Shipping your new component in anything other than its
purpose-designed packing material may result in damage that is
not covered by the warranty.
placement This disc player has been designed to operate optimally on any stable and level
surface. Vibration damping in the feet and drive assemblies of the units provide
a high level of isolation from external disturbances.
As with any digital component, it is best to place the disc player somewhat
apart from your most sensitive analog electronics, particularly turntables and
preamplifiers. Generally, placing it on its own shelf should suffice.
Note that adequate clearance for the AC cord and connecting cables
must be left behind the disc player. We suggest leaving eight inches (20
cm) of free space behind the disc player to allow all cables sufficient
room to bend without crimping or undue strain.
Classé recommends that the unit not be placed directly on the top surface of a
power amplifier (or any other heat source).
ventilation Your Classé disc player generates a certain amount of heat in the course of
normal operation. Be sure to allow three inches of clearance above it and three
inches to each side to allow heat dissipation through air circulation. Avoid
placement on soft surfaces that would restrict airflow (such as plush carpeting).
custom installations Drawings are included in this manual to facilitate special installations and
custom cabinetry (see the section Dimensions). An optional, purpose-designed
rack mount kit is available for this product. Contact your Classé dealer for more