Classe Audio CDP-102 CD Player User Manual

teach IR The disc player has discrete infrared (IR) command codes for all its functions,
a list that extends far beyond what is required by normal remote controls.
However, many of these functions are critical if you plan to create a customized
remote control with macros that take command of your entire system. Without
these discrete codes, many of the macros you might want to create will simply
not work reliably.
The teach IR screen provides a scrolling list of all the available IR codes. By
scrolling to the command your macro-capable remote needs to learn, and then
pressing the
send IR code button, the disc player will transmit the appropriate
command code out its front panel—where it can be learned by your third-party
remote control.
For more information on such control systems, we recommend you speak with
your authorized Classé dealer.
display setup
This button brings up the display setup menu, which itself has subordinate
menus. This menu system is detailed below, immediately after the corresponding
menu illustration. (It allows you to configure the LCD touchscreen brightness,
the display timeout, the language used in the touchscreen and menu system, the
temporary display, and how volume settings are displayed if you use the variable
volume capability of the disc player.)
triggers Each of the DC Triggers may be programmed as to its “logic level,” which is to
say, whether its voltage is low (essentially 0V), or
high (approximately 12VDC)
when the trigger is activated. The ability to change the level of a trigger’s
on state
can solve installation-specific problems that otherwise require external devices
that add to both the cost and complexity of your system.
If this seems an obscure point, that’s okay. It is a feature designed to solve
problems you may not even have, but your installation professional appreciates
being able to solve such problems when they occur.