BenQ HHB-750 Headphones User Manual

Headset Bluetooth
Stereo (en) 7
ƒ /
Confirm selection.
Listening to music
Prepare your mobile phone for
playing music. For additional in-
formation please consult your
mobile phone's user guide.
After connecting the mobile
phone to the Headset you can
play the title. Use the side keys
on the Headset, see page 3.
ƒ Press briefly: Forward
to next title, hold
down: fast forward
Press briefly: Back to
start of title, hold
down: fast rewind
Stops playback. Press-
ing starts play-
back again and plays
the next track.
The playback ends automatically
when the playlist is terminated.
Making a phone call
The procedure described below
only applies to Siemens mobile
phones. It may be different for
other manufacturers’ mobiles.
Switch the Headset on, see
page 6.
Making a call
Press briefly: Accept a
Hold down: Reject or
end a call.
Playback is interrupted by an incom-
ing call. When the call is finished play-
back continues automatically.