BenQ HHB-750 Headphones User Manual

Headset Bluetooth
Stereo (en)6
If your mobile phone finds
your Headset, this is shown on
the mobile phone display
beneath the device name
Enter the password (PIN) for
the Headset into your mobile
phone. This will be generated
by the Headset and shown on
the display.
The Headset is now ready for
use. The Headset and the phone
can communicate with one an-
other and recognise each other
in future.
Switching the Headset on
and off/Key lock.
Switching on:
ˆ Press for about
2 seconds. The Head-
set is switched on and
shows the device
identification number
on the display. If only
one mobile phone is
connected, this one
will get automatically
Switching off:
ˆ Hold down. The Head-
set is switched off
when the display is
Key lock (in standby mode or
during playback):
ˆ Press briefly to acti-
vate and hold down to
deactivate the key-
Using a second mobile
The Headset can store the de-
tails of two phones, each of
which can be selected for use.
When a third phone is connect-
ed, the entry details of the
phone that has not been con-
nected for the longer period of
time are automatically deleted.
Selecting a mobile phone:
ˆ Press for about
2 seconds. The Head-
set is switched on and
shows the two con-
nected mobile
phones on the
If your mobile phone does not find the
Headset within 3 minutes, activate
search mode again (repeat first step).