BenQ HHB-750 Headphones User Manual

Headset Bluetooth
Stereo (en) 5
The Headset and mobile phone
communicate using Bluetooth, a
short-range radio connection.
To enable this communication,
the Headset must be connected
(Pairing) to the phone. For more
information please read "Con-
necting to the phone for the first
time (Pairing)", page 5.
The following symbol explains
the operation of the Headset:
Getting started
Insert the battery, see picture.
Connecting to the phone for
the first time (Pairing)
Press the
key and hold
longer than 1 second (con-
nection to a second phone:
longer than 5 seconds). The
display shows the registration
mode (pairing).
Activate your phone's
Bluetooth interface and start
searching for Bluetooth-
activated devices within the
range of your mobile phone.
The Bluetooth
word mark and logos
are owned by the Bluetooth
Inc. and any use of such marks
by BenQ Corp. is under license.
Other trademarks and trade names
are those of their respective owners.
This function varies from
service provider to service
provider. You may need to
register separately for this
For details on how to set up a Blue-
tooth connection, please consult your
phone's user guide.