BenQ HHB-750 Headphones User Manual

Headset Bluetooth
Stereo (en)4
For additional information please
consult your mobile phone's user
Mobile phones can inter-
fere with the functioning of
medical devices such as
hearing aids or pacemak-
ers. Keep a distance of at
least 20cm/9 inches be-
tween the Headset and
pacemaker. Wear the
Headset on the ear farther
away from a heart pace-
maker during a call. For
more information consult
your doctor.
Caution! Small children
might harm themselves.
The device should there-
fore be kept out of reach of
small children.
Do not throw the device
into an open fire.
The Bluetooth Headset
must only be opened by
authorised service part-
ners. Any changes to this
device are strictly prohibit-
ed and will invalidate the
operating licence.
Dispose of used devices
and their accessories
according to the legal
The device can interfere
with the operation of near-
by TVs, radios or PCs.
Use only original accesso-
ries. In this way, you will
avoid possible health risks
and damage to the prod-
uct, and ensure compli-
ance with all relevant
Improper use will invalidate the
In some countries there may be
restrictions on the use of Bluetooth
devices. Please check with the
relevant authority.
You may not hear music in stereo
quailty while driving because it is pro-
hibited to use two earphones while
driving. You may use one of the ear-
phones for using the Headset for
making phone calls.
Manufactured by BenQ Mobile
GmbH & Co. OHG under trademark
license of Siemens AG.