Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
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Turbosound Aspect System Concepts
The TA-500 system is a modular point source loudspeaker system designed to deliver
extremely high fidelity audio. The system is easily scaleable medium scale ground-stacked
and flown concert touring down to small clubs and events.
The Aspect system concept centres around the exceptional directivity of the patented
Polyhorn™ devices employed in the high frequency and high-mid frequency sections of the
mid/high enclosure. In contrast to the majority of conventional horns, Polyhorns develop
more consistent frequency response across all seats of an auditorium with minimal
interference between adjacent enclosures.
The patented Polyhorn™ devices exhibit a sharp cut-off at the edges of the dispersion
pattern, making it possible to achieve seamless coverage of a venue with minimal
destructive interference between elements, however many individual enclosures are
deployed in the cluster. The Polyhorn™ devices generate phase-coherent and smoothly-
curved wavefronts which match the array curvature, whose centre becomes the virtual point
The TA-500 trapezoidal enclosure can be ground-stacked or flown in arrays. It can also be
integrated with TA-880 or TA-890 systems as a front or side fill cabinet.
TSW-218 dual 18” horn-loaded low frequency enclosures or B18 single 18” bandpass
subwoofers provide ideal sub-bass support for the TA-500.