Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 17
The Aspect system flying hardware is specifically designed to take advantage of its precise
horizontal directivity characteristics, as well as to allow a wide range of adjustment of the
vertical angles between adjacent enclosures, and the overall vertical inclination of each
column of enclosures. This means that arrays can easily be optimised to suit the coverage
requirements of any situation.
Sound radiating from adjacent cabinets will successfully blend over a range of included
angles, creating a coherent point-source image, and this results in the ability to tailor both
the overall coverage and the SPL at a given distance.
The concept of arraying a point-source loudspeaker system is to create part of the surface of
a sphere. A small part of a large sphere will form a high-directivity (long-throw) system with
a high SPL at a distance, whereas a large part of a small sphere will be of lower directivity
producing less SPL at a distance, but having a wider angle of coverage. This approach leads
to the creation of a virtual point source of sound behind the array.
There are some simple rules to follow to help achieve this goal:
Obtain a smooth even curve in the horizontal plane.
Use a similar amount of tilt on each column.
Ensure that the bottom corners of each column are in line with each other.