Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 44
Front Panel Functions
2x 24 character
Input Signal
Store and
Recall buttons
Channel Select
Parameter Edit
Output Mute
Edit Parameter
Select buttons
Input Signal Indicators – A set of three pairs of LED’s indicate signal present, +4dBu and input
clip for both channels. The signal present LED’s operate at approximately –40 dBu, giving a
useful indication of even relatively low input signal levels. The +4 dBu LED’s are intended to
show nominal operating level and can also be useful for setting system gain structure. Clip
LED’s warn the user of input overload and operate at +19 dBu.
Program Store and Recall – these controls provide access to 45 presets. Pressing the store
button allows the user to name a preset and choose which memory location it will be held in.
Pressing store button again completes the process. The Recall function operates in a similar
way, pressing the recall button allows the user to select which preset they require, pressing
the button for a second time, then confirming, recalls the new DSP settings. The unit allows
the user to set up user programs with full access to all parameters.
Note that presets cannot be stored or recalled when secure mode is activated.
Channel Selection Buttons – the currently selected channel is displayed on the top left hand
corner of the LCD. Pressing the channel buttons scrolls through the available input and
output channels and finally through the utility functions and back to the default screen. If
operating a stereo-linked preset the channel name will indicate the channel pairing. For
example ‘A+B’ means both input A and B parameters. The name of the output will be shown
briefly at the top of the display when stepping onto an output.
Edit Select Buttons – the currently selected edit parameter is displayed on the bottom left
corner of the LCD. Pressing the edit select buttons moves through the available parameters
for the current input or output.