Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

user manual
TA-500 user manual
Page 45
Text display – preset, channel, parameter and status information is shown on the 2x 24-
character text display. In most screens the currently selected channel is displayed on the
upper line and the edit parameter on the lower line. To simplify the display and enhance
security, some parameters or parameter pages are omitted when not relevant.
Parameter Knobs – three velocity sensitive parameter knobs are used to adjust parameters
shown on the display. Up to three parameters are displayed on the screen. The parameter
name is shown above the parameter value in each of the three screen sections. The
parameter knobs have a fixed association with the screen sections; the rightmost parameter
knob adjusts the rightmost parameter and so on.
Output signal and limiter indication – two LED’s are provided for each output channel. These
show the signal level relative to the limiter threshold. The yellow LED will light when the
signal is 6dB below the threshold and the red warning LED will light when the limiter
threshold is reached.
Mute buttons and status LED’s – each output has a mute button and associated mute status
LED. Pressing the button toggles the mute on and off.
Note that the mute buttons do not function when the Secure Mode is activated.
Secure Button (on the rear) – a momentary button is fitted behind the rear panel, between
the output XLRs and the RS232 port. When activated, this will disable all the front panel
controls so they cannot affect the signal path, making the unit secure against tampering.
When in secure mode, the indicators still operate normally.
Note that the communications port is still active in secure mode.