Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 49
The DSP parameters are organised by channel. The currently selected channel is shown in
the top left hand corner of the display. You can navigate between the channels by pressing
the channel buttons. Pressing the channel buttons will scroll through the channels, utilities
and back to the default screen. When using a Preset that is stereo linked, the channel
selection will reflect this. For example ‘1&4’ indicates outputs 1 and 4. When navigating onto
an output channel, the usage of the output, as define in the factory preset, will be shown
briefly at the top of the screen.
Out1 Freq Width Gain
EQ1 100Hz 1.4Q 0.0dB
Pressing the edit navigation buttons gives access to the various pages of parameters
available for each channel. The currently selected page is shown in the bottom left hand
corner of the display, this is omitted on some pages where the function is obvious. The
screen shows up to three (normally related) parameters for a given part of the processing
functions on a given channel.
The edit buttons allow you to scroll, in either direction, through the different processing
pages for a given Channel. When you go past the last page, you will be returned to the
default page.
The channel buttons allow you to scroll, in either direction, through the input and output
channels, whilst trying to maintain the currently viewed processing block. If the channel you
scroll to does not have the currently viewed processing block, the next one will be shown
NB. When the unit powers-up, the settings will be the same as those when the unit was last
switched off.